Joy prom

March 30, 2019

Beach Church believes that every special needs individual should have a chance to feel honored and special.


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7th Annual Joy Prom

For the past six years Beach Church has hosted the Joy Prom where attendees dress in formalwear, partake in a full-course dinner, take commemorative photos, and dance the night away amongst friends and family, in a warm environment, celebrating them!

volunteer opportunities

Hundreds of volunteers plan for this spectacular event working elaborate theme decor, coordinating formalwear, hair and make-up for each attendee and attending the prom to assist families, ensuring they have the best experience! Again this year, Katie's Project organization and Men's Wearhouse will partner with Joy Prom to help defray the cost of attire.

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2019 theme:

"Mad Hatter"

This year's theme is "Mad Hatter". Attendees will enter a topsy turvy world where things that don't make sense make the most sense. Giant playing cards, large hats, and checkerboard all askew set the scene for an event that will be the highlight of your year!

timeline of events

Check back here for a timeline of events for the day of the prom