Updated 9/13/22

Your Pastoral Search Committee believes that God has our Senior Pastor already and that he is preparing him and us.

Our job is to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to achieve God's will for Beach Church.

We are trusting His guidance, humbling ourselves to His will continually through every step.

We will use this page to update you on the progress through each Phase of this process.

We covet your prayers and your patience.

This process began in March 2022 and can take 12-18 months.

how will we get there?

Phase 1: Preparation

Phase 2: Search

Phase 3: Interview

Phase 4: Meet-the-Candidate

We are returning to Phase 2.

The Holy Spirit has remained faithful to Beach Church during this process. It has become necessary to return to the Search phase of our journey. The job posting will be reactivated at and new applicants will be considered. Please pray for the Board that God’s perfect will for Beach Church will be revealed.

how to pray through the process

We covet your prayers through this process. Here is  how you can be in prayer for your Pastoral Search Committee, your future Senior Pastor, and the congregation and Grand Strand:

Pray with us:

Father God, You are so generous in Your thoughts of Beach Church. We are humbled by Your love. We pray that Your thoughts about this pastoral search are our thoughts. We pray for the Pastoral Search Committee. We pray that they stay in the center of Your wisdom.

For the search committee and us as partners, Lord, we pray that You will be in our conversations. We pray that You give us eyes to see the pastor that You have waiting to lead our Beach Church family. We pray that You oh Father will give us ears to hear and to recognize Your voice and Your vision in Your man for us. Please help us not get distracted by chatter or grow weary of the journey. Help us not choose convenience, but look for the richness of the character, depth of wisdom, loving gentleness and the power of strength that You oh Lord have already placed in the shepherd who awaits our discovery. We pray over every part of this journey; this Beach Church adventure with You.

Lord help us to stay grateful, loving and generous. Father help us to choose Your timing in our search, not ours. Lord, we remain faithful to give only You our worship.

It’s in the powerful name of Christ Jesus we pray. Amen.

John 10:14

“I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me.”

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Committee members were nominated by partners, then interviewed and vetted by the Board of Directors. These final six were chosen for their hearts for Beach Church, their unique perspectives into the body of Christ here at Beach Church, and their passion for Christ's work through Beach Church. You may contact us at

  • Roger Krickler

    67 years old, I am an Air Force veteran (1977-1981) and after leaving the Air Force started a career as a military defense contractor supporting operations in the middle east. I married Darlene in 2012. I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior in a hotel room in Cairo, Egypt in 1984. When I returned to the United States, I attended a Pentecostal church teaching Spiritual Warfare in Huntsville, Al. Due to the nature of my work, I relocated many times around the United States, Europe and the Middle East preventing me from finding a home church.  I retired in 2019 and started attending Beach Church that year. Since then, I now serve as co-leader in support of feeding the homeless at New Directions, serve on the Safety Team and Safety Team administrator, served as project manager for the Bylaws transition team, and currently serve as Chairman of the Pastoral Search Committee.

  • Andrea Pennington

    I was born and raised in NC. Blessed to be raised by a Spirit-filled mother, I’ve been following Jesus and growing closer to Him since my youth. My husband and I started attending Beach Church since moving to Myrtle Beach in 2014. Day-to-day, I am a practicing Companion-Animal Veterinarian. Since 2015, my husband and I have been volunteer youth leaders and have had the joy of watching many of our “kids” grow to become incredible men and women of God. I have a passion for learning and teaching. I am equally humbled and honored to serve my BC family on the Pastoral Search Committee as God leads us into this new and exciting chapter!

  • Charles Knuckles

    I am a faithful follower of my Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. I am blessed to be married to Saundra Knuckles. I’m retired as a license counselor, specializing in several therapeutic modalities. I retired with tenure as Director of Rescue and Recovery from Cityteam Ministries men’s programs in San Jose Ca. We have been coming to Beach Church for three years. I am a member of the Saturday Morning Men's Breakfast Bible Study. 

    I now sit on the board of directors for New Directions Homeless Shelters. I am a licensed Chaplain, a member of the International Fellowship of Chaplains. I am also a Certified Peer Support Specialist. I serve at New Directions Men's Homeless Shelter by facilitating three Life Skills classes and a Bible Study. I am a published writer. I am a wildlife photographer and I like to ride trails on my bicycle.

  • Debbie Brewer

    My husband, Graham, and I have brought our two sons, Weston and Caleb, up in Beach Church since 2005. I have been on staff in several different capacities since November 2005: assistant to executive pastor, communication liaison between the Board of Directors, Board of Elders, and Staff after the passing of the executive pastor; Ministry Assistant to Lead Pastor and Executive Pastor; Temporary Director of Children's Ministry Elementary Large Group; Worship and Creative Arts Ministry Assistant; I am currently the Graphic Designer and Ministry Assistant. I have served in the Children's Ministry area and currently regularly serve on First Impressions at Guest Central. I have volunteered with Joy Prom and various other outreach events. My husband, Graham, and I have led small groups in our home. I feel that I can bring a unique "all around" perspective to this pastoral search committee as a staff member in three different departments through all kinds of changes and as a parent of children grown in to young men through our children's and youth ministries. I echo Josh's sentiment: I am humbled and honored to be apart of the Pastoral Search Committee as we search for the Pastor that God has already picked out for this Church!

  • John Perry

    John Perry is the Pastoral Search Committee liaison to the Board of Directors.

    John is married to Lisa. They have been partners with Beach Church since 2017. 

    "Lisa and I were married in April 1993 in Raleigh, NC. Ever since, we have been very involved in our church and community in many different capacities. Having played piano since the age of four, Lisa plays in the worship band at church. I serve in the children's ministry in the second-grade class. I also enjoy participating in missions both locally and abroad whenever possible. I also serve on the budget & finance team. Lisa and I have one son, Tyler, who enjoys living and working in Colorado. 

    For all of these years God has blessed me and my family beyond measure. I truly believe that having complete faith in God and serving Him is most important."