What's next?

Every person's life is a journey.

Every person has a next step in their journey.

We have many different ways that you can take those steps to connect with other people, get to know God at a deeper level, or serve Him using your unique personality, gifts, skills, and passions. But, as we strive to become connected people, captivated by Christ, whose changed lives are changing lives, we know those next steps are different for each of us. Because there are so many options it can be difficult to know what to do.


That is exactly why we designed the Next Steps Group. This is a 2-week group where we want to help you find your place, your people, and your purpose.

So if you are looking to find what’s next for you, we encourage you to sign up for the Next Steps Group here.


    In the Next Steps Group we try to help you identify what your next step could be, but maybe you already know what you want to do.  Perhaps, it is time for you to get baptized. Maybe you want to know how to read the Bible. Maybe you want to connect with the people of your church more outside of Sunday mornings in a bible study or a Beach Church Group. Maybe you would like to understand the world with a biblical worldview through a SALT study. Or maybe you’d like to get involved as a volunteer here at Beach Church.

    You can find out more by clicking one of the links below.

             BAPTISM          BIBLE 101         SALT      BEACH CHURCH GROUPS       VOLUNTEER