Elder Nomination Process

Step 1 - I will pray for God’s guidance for whom I should nominate as an elder candidate.

• Step 2 - Establish a meeting with the candidate God’s prompted you towards. Explain why you feel lead toward them, and ask them to pray with you about this leadership opportunity.

• Step 3 - If they decide that your recommendation is where the Spirit of God would prompt them, submit their name at the above link.

Biblical and Practical Functions

of Beach Church Elders

Doctrine – Elders are to teach, guard, and advance God’s truth by holding strong to the written revelation of God – the Bible – and calling everyone else to do the same. Doctrine is to be accurately and soundly expressed by the Scriptures and then taught and applied to individuals in ways that instruct, exhort, correct and equip us to walk in the truth, focused on Christ Jesus, illuminated and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Discernment – Elders are guided by the Spirit regarding His will and way for His Body, the church. They are under-shepherds following Christ’s leading - The Chief Shepherd - and with discernment then leading His people. 

Direction – Elders have a biblical and practical responsibility to provide direction for the overall ministry and the ministry leaders of the church. This would include determining what God would have us do, why and how He would have us do it, and who would be responsible for the different aspects of accomplishing His will in these initiatives. Biblical, clear, practical, and measurable direction for the overall church is part of the elders function.

Discipleship – Elders are to be models and reproducers of Bible-centered, Christ-focused, Spirit-energized transforming disciple makers. 

Biblical Reconciliation/Restoration – Elders are called to lead out in teaching and equipping the body to live in harmony and unity. They are to live and lead as those who help restore relationships, deal with sin in pursuit of forgiveness and healing, and establish ways for the body to grow stronger and healthier in all aspects of their lives.

Shepherding – Protecting, living alongside (knowing!), guiding, feeding, etc.

Biblical Qualities of Elders

1 Timothy 3:1-7

1 Peter 5:1-8

Act 20:28

Titus 1:6-9

Elder Nomination

Elders will give themselves to the specific leadership responsibilities of overseeing the church's doctrine, direction, discipleship, discernment, and discipline in keeping with the Scripture. After reviewing the Biblical qualities of an elder and the Elder Nomination Process, click here to recommend an elder candidate.

for your consideration:

Tom Kasler

Tom has presented as an elder candidate. 

Over these next thirty days, we encourage you to pray for this candidate, connect with him and address and resolve any personal, spiritual or relational issues that would disqualify him from serving as an elder.  

Email:  tom@nightingalesnursing.net 

Phone: 843-610-1423

On August 2, 2020, we will ask you to express your affirmation of this candidate in our weekend services.

"I was born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin. After my senior year of high school, my Dad was transferred to Ohio where I earned my undergraduate degree in Finance.

To help pay for my education, I worked as an hourly employee for what became the Georgia- Pacific Corporation. Upon graduation, I was given an opportunity to join the salaried management of the Corporation. I relocated many times and earned my MBA while working in New Jersey. 

In 2009 I retired from GP after rising to the executive manufacturing management ranks and joined my wife Gloria in our in-home care company that she started, Nightingales Nursing & Attendants. 

Before 2004, my spiritual background was formed in the Methodist church. I attended Sunday school, ushered and attended service most Sundays. I was doing religion, but it wasn’t enough. I knew something was missing. From 2004-2009, we attended a non-denominational Bible-based church. The word became alive and I began to learn about Jesus. Having bought a house here in Myrtle Beach in 2009, we spent the next year looking for our church home. We kept coming back to Beach Church and shortly thereafter became partners.

If asked about my spiritual gifts, I’d list leadership, teaching and encouraging. I’ve been in leadership roles most of my adult life. Both formal and informal, in business, in sports and in civic groups. To be a good leader, I believe you must be a good follower. It takes courage to be a follower and now I’m being led by the Holy Spirit to follow Jesus Christ. In addition to being on the Deacon team, I’ve had the opportunity to lead and teach small groups, including the “boot camp course” with the Men of God life group. Also I have the honor of co-leading the “hour of power” prayer group with my wife Gloria.

I believe spiritual growth has to be “intentional”. Relationships are developed by spending time with that person. I believe the same is true if pursuing a relationship with Jesus. Our mornings, first thing, are spent in the Word and in prayer. Prayer is an important part of our family life as are the daily devotionals we send our children and grandchildren.

Beach Church is not just a building. We’re a community of like-minded people who desire to worship, fellowship and minister to not only each other, but the community as well.

My desire is for each of us to feel the love of Jesus Christ so we can disciple lost souls into His kingdom."