Elder Nomination Process

Step 1 - I will pray for God’s guidance for whom I should nominate as an elder candidate.

• Step 2 - Establish a meeting with the candidate God’s prompted you towards. Explain why you feel lead toward them, and ask them to pray with you about this leadership opportunity.

• Step 3 - If they decide that your recommendation is where the Spirit of God would prompt them, submit their name at the above link.

Biblical and Practical Functions

of Beach Church Elders

Doctrine – Elders are to teach, guard, and advance God’s truth by holding strong to the written revelation of God – the Bible – and calling everyone else to do the same. Doctrine is to be accurately and soundly expressed by the Scriptures and then taught and applied to individuals in ways that instruct, exhort, correct and equip us to walk in the truth, focused on Christ Jesus, illuminated and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Discernment – Elders are guided by the Spirit regarding His will and way for His Body, the church. They are under-shepherds following Christ’s leading - The Chief Shepherd - and with discernment then leading His people. 

Direction – Elders have a biblical and practical responsibility to provide direction for the overall ministry and the ministry leaders of the church. This would include determining what God would have us do, why and how He would have us do it, and who would be responsible for the different aspects of accomplishing His will in these initiatives. Biblical, clear, practical, and measurable direction for the overall church is part of the elders function.

Discipleship – Elders are to be models and reproducers of Bible-centered, Christ-focused, Spirit-energized transforming disciple makers. 

Biblical Reconciliation/Restoration – Elders are called to lead out in teaching and equipping the body to live in harmony and unity. They are to live and lead as those who help restore relationships, deal with sin in pursuit of forgiveness and healing, and establish ways for the body to grow stronger and healthier in all aspects of their lives.

Shepherding – Protecting, living alongside (knowing!), guiding, feeding, etc.

Biblical Qualities of Elders

1 Timothy 3:1-7

1 Peter 5:1-8

Act 20:28

Titus 1:6-9



On January 24th, you wil be asked to affirm these candidates. Over these next thirty days, we encourage you to pray for these candidates, connect with them and address and resolve any personal, spiritual or relational issues that would disqualify them from serving as an elder.




I was one of seven children, raised in the Roman Catholic Faith, educated in the Catholic School System, and actively participated in the church’s services. Although I was an altar boy and had even been accepted to attend seminary after high school, I knew that there was something lacking in my relationship with God. What I was missing was a personal relationship with Christ. 

I met my wife, Debbie. Though not saved when we were married, she found Christ and committed her life to Him. This irritated me at the time, but her steadfastness and testimony never wavered, and I knew she had something I did not. It got me thinking about the Bible. How could it be true? That question was answered when I studied the Middle East. For the Bible to be true, the nation of Israel would have to be restarted. God made this happen after WWII, a miracle that only He could do. At 28 years of age, I committed myself to Him.

Over the years since then, Christ has used me in several ways in various churches: Sunday School teacher, Teen Youth Director, Church Leadership, and Christian School Board President, just to name a few. What my life experience has taught me is that God is always in control. Sometimes it is hard to see it clearly, but His will is always accomplished.

After 20 years in the Air Force, and a second career in business, Debbie and I decided to move down to Myrtle Beach. We had every intention of visiting several churches; but after visiting Beach Church, we knew we had found our home and our church family. Being involved with First Impressions has been one of my greatest joys in serving here. I have also been involved with the Men of God, and the Hour of Power prayer group. I believe my most prominent spiritual gifts to be Encouragement and Exhortation.

I love our church’s ministry in this community, and desire to see us continue to grow and reach the lost for Christ. I believe God is truly blessing us, and I want to be a part of serving others wherever He directs.

for your consideration

Brett Scott

On January 24th, you wil be asked to affirm these candidates. Over these next thirty days, we encourage you to pray for these candidates, connect with them and address and resolve any personal, spiritual or relational issues that would disqualify them from serving as an elder.




I was born into a Christian family and attended church from a young age. In my family and in that church, I learned about Jesus and believed in Him and what He had done for me through His sacrificial death on the cross and subsequent resurrection.

However, it was in April of 1992, at 31 years of age my wife and I, both being believers, got down on our knees at a Christian music festival and truly surrendered our lives to Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior in a new and more complete way. 

Shortly after that time, I was called to go to Seminary and to get a master’s degree in Biblical Studies. I absolutely love to teach the Scriptures and wanted to be more prepared to teach at a new level. What a wonderful experience that was! I believe that God has graciously gifted me with a desire to deeply study the Scriptures and to help explain the Bible’s truth to others, hopefully aiding them in their own spiritual growth and Christian faith.

I have a marvelous and wonderful wife, Lynn, and two godly daughters Brittany (33) and Michelle (31). Lynn and I relocated to Myrtle Beach 3 years ago where we plan to retire. The very first church we visited was Beach Church, and immediately we knew it was to be our church home, as the Bible teaching is solid, the church is so very friendly and active, and the worship style is so similar to that of our last church.

Both Lynn and I believe that small groups have been key to our spiritual growth, and we have had a wonderful experience in several Beach Church groups, really getting to know people. I felt led to start a Men’s Friday morning group where there are 10-11 of us men who regularly “do life together.” I also lead a community spiritual growth group in our home with couples near our age and in our phase of life. In addition, I especially enjoy participating in the important, growing ministry of the Prayer Team here at Beach Church.

I have worked in the Information Technology (IT) field for 39 years and am currently Vice President of IT Excellence consulting with a software company. I anticipate transitioning to a part-time employment status in 2021, freeing up more of my time to serve my church and to be with my family.

Elder Nomination

Elders will give themselves to the specific leadership responsibilities of overseeing the church's doctrine, direction, discipleship, discernment, and discipline in keeping with the Scripture. After reviewing the Biblical qualities of an elder and the Elder Nomination Process, click here to recommend an elder candidate.