I started working at Beach Church in November 2019 as the Youth Pastor. I get the opportunity to hang out with and lead our amazing High School and Middle School students and adult volunteer leaders as we create spaces for students to bump into Jesus and experience the awesome life of Christ. I love that my “job” looks different every single day. On some days, I get to teach students from the Bible about who Jesus is and why it matters to them today. Other times it means going on trips, playing basketball, and trying my best to be a kid again. I love it. I have been in youth ministry since AOL was a big thing! 

When I’m not at Beach Church, I enjoy time with my incredible wife, Cathy, and our awesome three girls Annafaye, Lily and Claire. We love to explore and discover our surroundings. Or I’m probably spending way too much time watching my favorite sports teams like, the Denver Broncos, DUKE Basketball, Denver Nuggets, and I absolutely love photography and capturing moments. I love Mexican food, I’m an above average whistler, I can blow spit bubbles, and I have natural curly hair but I shave my head daily because I can’t stand my hair, and I’m super impressed you took the time to read this whole biography.