proposed 2021 bylaws


The Senior Pastor has no more decision-making power than anyone else on the Lead

Team. All decisions affecting vision and church doctrine must first be unanimously

agreed upon by the Lead Pastor and Lead Team before moving forward through clear

leading of the Holy Spirit. If it isn’t clearly of the Holy Spirit, we do not move forward.

The personal wishes, desires, or vision for the church by the Lead Pastor will not hold

any more weight than any Lead Team member’s disagreement with expressed wishes,

desires, or vision for the church by the Lead Pastor.

The Senior Pastor is the leader and shepherd for the church body. He is the senior most

member of the lead team and works cooperatively with them for the spiritual direction and day

to day operations of the church. It is expected that the Senior Pastor is receiving the vision for

the church from the Holy Spirit and he communicates that with the lead team. The lead team

and senior pastor work together to cast this vision to the church.

We will review the articles pertaining to this and make sure again that the language is clear.

Will there be open discussion and questions by the partners before the vote for approval

of these Bylaws?

Yes, there will be a question and answer forum during the meeting on Tuesday prior to the vote.

We are concerned that the balanced role between the Senior Pastor, the Lay Leadership

described as the Lead Team, and the Partners has not been achieved.

Understand your concern - we do believe that the bylaws provide for a balanced approach with

full accountability at all areas of leadership.

We are concerned that if the Partners are given no meaningful role in major changes in

positions taken within the church, Beach Church will constantly be creating upheaval

within the partnership. To not allow for this in the ByLaws leaves Partners with the only

option of leaving.

We are currently revising the role of the partners in voting - we initially felt that it was there but

after further review we are increasing the partners role.

Provision is made in other Articles for nominations for some of these positions to come

from the Lead Team, Trustees, Officers, and Partners along with the Senior Pastor,

but since the Senior Pastor has the major role in the selection and direction of these lay

leaders they are not really working as a balanced team on equal footing. This was the

issue created by the former ByLaws which did not provide for a balanced team.

The former bylaws did not account for a "system" of accountability and they greatly hindered the

cooperative balance between the Senior Pastor and other leadership positions. Remember we,

as partners, have a say in the nominations of Trustees. The Senior Pastors role in selection is

cooperative not dictatorial and therefore through working "with" the leadership teams there is no

concern of the Senior Pastor "seeding" the leadership team.

We have concerns with the section that describes the Numbers, Appointment, and Term

of Lead Team Members. The Lead Team provides the primary Lay spiritual leadership

that should balance the Senior Pastor's leadership role. However, the Senior Pastor

appoints persons to serve on the Lead Team with no nominations from the Partners or

confirmation by the Partners. Also the term of service for Lead Team Members "shall

continue until he resigns, is deceased, or is removed." This does not allow for regular

turnover or broadening the range of experiences and perspectives. We also see value in

increasing the minimum number of 3 members for the same reason.

The Lead Team consists of full time hired staff members therefore the Senior Pastor will have a

major role in their selection just as any manager would over hiring a team member. However, it

is not on his say alone - it is cooperative between the leadership roles.

Within the Statement of Faith Article 2 under f. The Worship of the Church. Does the word

(generally) in the sentence: (Generally this church will observe the first day of the week as the

Lord's Day and consider it as the divinely appointed day for corporate worship, instruction, and

community within our available space and resources), indicate that the Sunday service may at

times be used for platforms other than the Day of the Lord made

for prayer, worship, praise, and biblical instruction?

Yes, it is the Lord's day and will ALWAYS be treated as such and will not be used for other purposes.

Is there a reason that the final statement at the very end of the original Statement of Faith (The

Beach Church Statement of Faith is not the exhaustive extent of our beliefs. The Bible itself as the

inspired and infallible Word of God that speaks with final authority concerning truth, morality, and

the proper conduct of mankind is the sole and final source of all that we believe)?

The statement of faith included in the bylaws is the current statement of faith. The parenthetical

statement was removed at the end as we believe the statement of faith is what our church

believes therefore this statement was not required.

We have not been told when Pastor Todd would be nominated and voted for as lead pastor. I'm

assuming that will happen when voting for the bylaws. My next question is he was given a years

salary when he resigned. If appointed and he returns, will that money be returned to the church?

Yes, we will be nominating Pastor Todd to be our new pastor under the new bylaws. Yes, we that will be

part of our vote on September 7th.

Pastor Todd was not given a lump sum for his severance. His severance is paid out periodically.

Upon his return his severance would end.

Is there anyone in the pipeline being considered for small groups pastor and will we have a

pastoral care pastor?

All Pastoral positions will be filled per the processes outlined in the bylaws.

Do you qualify as a partner if you never took "Next Step" for new attenders? I have been going to

Beach Church since it met in the high school and Ronny Byrd was our pastor. I attend Beach

Church regularly and volunteer.

Per the bylaws, all partners are required to go through an orientation process.

It’s not because we don’t recognize the amount of time you have invested here at Beach Church, we just want to make sure that everything we do to involve our partners is done as above board as we can do it