our story

The story is one of people who joined together and committed themselves to spreading the good news of God’s love throughout the world, beginning first with our own community.

In 1992, a prayer group meets weekly in various homes for six months. Ronny Byrd commits to becoming founding pastor. In December of that same year, the first service is held at Horry Georgetown Technical College. Thirty-two adults and several children attend.

The following year, 1993, the Sunday service moves to Myrtle Beach Primary School.

In 1995 the Discipleship Ministry begins. In 1996, Sunday services move to Myrtle Beach High School. Since that time the community of believers continued to grow as prospects of retaining it’s own facility and campus begins.

In 1999, after much prayer and support the Forum Theatre at Fantasy Harbor is purchased. After completion of services held at the High School that year, all services for the first time are held at their new campus and facilities. 

As the church continues to grow, ministries also continued to grow. Son Fun Celebration, a children’s ministry takes place at the Circle Theatre Tent while awaiting completion of the Annex in December. 

Celebrate Recovery As God continued to lead and grow the ministries, God led the church to begin a new ministry designed to reach those who had addictions and wanted to offer the life-transforming power of Christ to redeem and transform them. Celebrate Recovery holds its first service. 

The year 2002 was a “marker” for this new work, as the church celebrated its tenth year anniversary. In addition to the growth of attendees, the church adds to its staff and now has a full and part-time staff of twenty. In 2006 the church continues to see the hand of God move as new leaders are called and invited to join the staff in caring for and leading the church that began so many years before.

Annex Building becomes Adventure Beach Leadership decided to theme out the building for children’s ministry in 2006. Informal surveys of the congregants narrowed the theme options and ministry name until “Adventure Beach” was settled on. In 2007 California muralist, Tyra Jade, began work on interior paintings. An army of volunteers painted the main background colors and Tyra added the faux effects. Wacky Wallscapes, a company headed by a Christian, former Walt Disney artist, was the purchase site for the wallpaper additions. Local artist and Beach Church attendee, Kenneth Knight, helped with final airbrush touches. Kenneth was also commissioned to paint the façade in a beach motif for an amazing themed effect as the building is approached. Each room was themed out to tell the story of travel through this big world. The downstairs rooms are themed for all of the water communities. The stairwells are themed to look like the stairs of large ocean liner that has seen some years. The upstairs rooms are themed to bring one off the beach to explore other environments – deserts, cityscapes, etc.

The building is still shared. Celebrate Recovery still meets here every Friday evening. Their small groups meet in different rooms in the building during the week. Our middle school student ministry, Merge, meets in the large downstairs area on Wednesday evenings. Our high school student ministry also uses the main area on Sunday evenings. 

Back Offices – Staff Life When the staff moved into the offices, they were split up. Administrative and children’s ministry employees were located in the front of the building over what is now Guest Central. Worship employees were located in the old star dressing rooms behind the stage. Community department employees were located in rear entrance offices. In 2006, leadership decided to bring all of the employees together. A walk thru was knocked out through what was a large dressing room to the rear offices. With a little creative rearrangement, all employees were moved to back stage offices. Now the worship team can visit with human resources in just a few steps…and no stairs! 

The next couple of years, 2006-2009, see extensive renovations to building structure, ministry programs, worship style and vision casting. In addition, the name of the church morphs from Myrtle Beach Community Church, to simply, "Beach Church.

The year’s following, 2009-2013, there is a renewed determination, to again refine the vision of the overall ministry and align staff and resources for this new season. Along with a new Elder Leadership Team, and Pastors Todd Elliot and Damon Adcock, together working to become a “connected people, captivated by Christ, whose changed lives, are changing lives.” 

Beach Church continues to be a church for the community of Myrtle Beach with hosting many area events making every effort to use the incredible facility, for many.

In January 2018, the church celebrated it’s 25th Anniversary, and is excited and looking forward to the next chapter of ministry.