God has continued to define and refine our pictures of leadership and how to shepherd the church with love and care, keeping our eyes on Christ and committing to abandon anything that keeps us from fulfilling our unique calling and vision for reaching the Grand Strand.



The elders are empowered to help give unique focus and care to the Discipline, Doctrine, and Direction of the church.  They serve Christ by remaining leaders, yet followers.  The hold the mantel of leadership, yet discern where the Holy Spirit is leading and posture the church to remain in step with His leading.   


Vision, Mission and Strategy

The Executive Team combines the elders with the Pastors to help shepherd, guide, and establish the overall ministry effort.  Together, we pray, discern and shape how best to accomplish the unique vision God has for us. By remaining in the “we position” we can accomplish what the Lord is inviting us join Him in and know that the vision of what He’s called us to is getting accomplished

Pastors and staff

Overall ministry effort

Currently, this team is lead by our two pastors, Damon and Todd.  The day-to-day ministry effort is accomplished by working together in keeping in step with the Executive Team. Each uniquely gifted, Todd currently oversees the Sunday morning teaching and responsible for spiritual growth.  Damon, currently oversees the Worship & Creative Arts area, in addition oversees the staff and responsible for overall ministry development.  


A question many ask.  The role of a “lead pastor” has been broadened to include the executive team (elders & pastors).  When it comes the organization of the church, it’s staff and ministries, it’s Damon.  When it comes to the teaching and spiritual development, it’s Todd.


If you asked any of us, who the “Lead Pastor” is, we would simply say,  “Jesus”. 
He is leading, guiding, and loving inviting us to join Him in the things He’s trying to accomplish. 


If you ask “Who’s the lead pastor”? We would simply ask, “For what area of ministry?”

We have many who lead, and care for the ministry here at Beach Church.