Jarrett Hucks-

Creative Arts Director

My name is Jarrett, and I have been the Creative Arts Director here at Beach Church since July of 2019. I'm a huge geek and I love Jesus. Somehow I found a way to take both those things and find a career with them! I love being able to use my musical and creative talents here at the church. No matter if it's leading worship or taking photos for our Instagram page, there is always a way to reach people for Jesus and I am blessed to be able to do that in really creative ways!

I grew up right down the road in Conway, South Carolina and have lived my whole life here on the Grand Strand. I am true native and one of the only ones on staff! I do love to travel and experience other places but nothing beats home. I have a lovely wife, Annie and a beautiful daughter, Diana and we are so excited to see what God has in store for us here at Beach Church!