damon adcock



My role on staff as I see it: Co-lead and Creative Arts Pastor.  (that’s a mouthful) Partnering with Todd, together we help guide, shape, and shepherd this amazing church and staff.  Blessed to be able to use my artistic gifts to create settings where people are pointed to Jesus.

Deborah and I Celebrated our 25th Wedding anniversary this year!!  We have 4 amazing kids. Ashlyn's in High School, Austin & Kayla in college and oldest Kyle is  working in Charleston, SC.

Ministry never ends! So at home I love any project with a definitive ending.  My favorite is any outdoor project. I love to be outside.  But truth be told, I’m a pretty baller painter.  At night, I stop adulting and game on my Xbox.  Trust me…I would slay you at Halo.

I love sunsets!  Since I’m never up for a sunrise (way to early) I imagine thats what it looks like in reverse.  Of course, movies, going to a production/performance and/or concert always inspires me.  I’m always looking for ways to connect culture to the church in order to reach those who are far from God.

Each week I get to plan weekend services and help shape the sermon series.  I’m grateful for the freedom we have to use any artistic form to help communicate the message for the weekend. I get with our Creative Arts team to determine song choices, and other creative elements to connect hearts to Jesus.

I also get to help navigate the day to day operations of leading a very large church.  So I love to help dream, strategize and shape what the next season of ministry might look like and pray through the ways God is leading us and we must do to stay in step with Him.  

Finally,  I get to sit with someone in our church and listen and pray with  them.  Sometimes to share an encouraging word, or just to help motivate them to take next steps on the journey with Jesus.  It keeps the “bigness” of the church to what’s most important: sharing what Christ is doing in our lives, confessing areas where we’ve blown it, then growing in our understanding of how wide and deep the Father’s love is for us/me.

"Describe yourself with:"

One adjective:  sporty

One verb/adverb:  outgoing #themayor