community TEAM

Reaching into the community of the Grand Strand to connect others to Jesus!

shawn norton

celebrate recovery director

Shawn has been in Myrtle Beach for 28 years, so they are practically natives! He has been married to Marlene for 23 years. He has one daughter and a new son-in-law. Shawn serves as our Pastor of Celebrate Recovery AKA Pastor of Disaster. When Shawn is not serving as the director of Celebrate Recovery, you can find him either at his company, Maxx Fitness, or in the woods hunting whatever is in season.

linda stapleton

counselor/care core leader

Linda has quite the testimony:

MY FAMILY - I was married for more than 20 years to Bill Stapleton and God blessed us with 3 extraordinary children. Bill was a gifted musician and we served God together in Evangelistic Music Ministry. I would love to tell you it was still the same.  Instead, our lives would take a tragic turn when our family all became victims of a violent crime and our son Will Jr. (4) was murdered. Our daughter, Julie, was just a 3 month old infant at that time.  God held us close and would begin to gradually piece us back together and five years after Will’s death we were blessed with our son, Benjamin.


Six years later, a rare cancer swiftly took the life of my husband (46). Once again, I was left stunned and fractured, but trusting in a BIG GOD! Even though Will Jr. and Bill Sr. died too young, I miss them and carry them close to my heart every single day. You might say we are an ‘amputated family’, but we are strong in our faith. When we came to Beach Church (’96), we knew we had found ‘God’s Village’. We were embraced by a big, loving church family with many ‘extended family members’. My children grew up knowing they were surrounded with love and encouragement, and prayed for continually.


Both of my remaining children are now grown and married. 

Julie is a Converse College Grad and a former Hillsong (AU) dancer. She lives in Charleston with her husband Tripp (a Clemson Grad). They have given me two of my greatest joys in life so far… being “Nona” to Aaron (2) and Selah (1)

Benjamin is a Citadel Grad and a Commissioned Officer in the US Army. He and my ‘daughter-in-love’, Chelsea, are stationed in San Antonio, TX with 3 big ‘grand-dogs’.


One day, on the other side of time, my family will finally get to be all together. Meanwhile, we, who remain, are grateful and determined to love HIM with all of our hearts, minds, souls, and strengths and we will love and comfort others out of the love and comfort we have received.


MY ROLE ON STAFF   Care Pastor/ Counselor MA, LPC / ‘Heart Specialist’


HOBBIES/ACTIVITIES   When I leave campus I love heading home to my ‘haven of rest’ complete with garden and bird sanctuary. I also love walking the beach and I have an awesome sharks-tooth collection! I am an avid reader too! And, if you time it right, you just may get to come to a fun gathering at my house with other good friends for food and fellowship.


MY INSPIRATIONS   All Sunrises … People who don’t give up … The dear faces of my precious grandbabies … Authors…Oswald Chambers, A W Tozer, Graham Cooke, Chuck Swindoll, Lisa Bevere…and all the beauty of God’s creation from the mountains to the Ocean.


EACH WEEK   I embrace the saying … “you don’t work a day of your life if you love what you do” He makes all my days unique! I have loved using the SALT discipleship tools to teach and empower many to disciple others, lead, and experience transformation in their lives…I love writing and teaching classes on SALT, Boundaries and Relationships and more. None are the same… A highlight of my week is when I meet with young moms in Adventure Beach and teach, disciple/mentor them in the ways of Jesus.  I oversee the Care Core and I am excited about the way God is raising up others and giving us growing opportunities to meet the many needs within our body and community … And of course, I love meeting and coming along side of the many folks I meet with through the week who are seeking wisdom, insight, and guidance through the problems and stresses of life.


One Adjective: Light

One Verb/Adverb: Overcomer

Shellee Bealand

My husband Michael Bealand and I have been married for 17 years this year. We have two wonderful children Alex age(16) and Kaysa age (12). We relocated from New Hampshire five years ago to Myrtle Beach. We are active in the ministries at Beach Church. Michael is on the Worship Team and helps with Hospitality and Special events with me. I am the Ministry Assistant to Perry Hostetler our Next Steps Pastor.


Describe your role on staff

Ministry Assistant to Perry Hostetler/

Multitasking Guru 😂


What is a (non-ministry related) hobby or activity that you enjoy? Traveling to other places and seeing different cultures and people. 


What inspires you? 

Jesus, Music, The Ocean, History, Pinterest 😂

List 3 things in the church that you directly interact with each week

Hospitality team

Special events



Describe yourself with:

One adjectiveKind 

One verb/adverbeasy-going