meet our children's ministry team

Our team stays busy connecting the hearts of kids to the heart of Jesus! Meet them!

kim waycaster

Preschool director

Tell us about your family:

I am married to Brian Waycaster who is also on Staff here at Beach Church. We have two beautiful teenage daughters.


Describe your role on staff (Official title and maybe suggest a more descriptive title. Ie. Graphic designer/Design Ninja):
I am the CRAZY Preschool lady (Preschool Coordinator) in Adventure Beach. I am in charge of creating curriculum and scripts for the Birth through Kindergarten children. I also lead and schedule an amazing group of volunteers that help us Connect the HEARTS of kids to the HEART of Jesus!


What is a (non-ministry related) hobby or activity that you enjoy?:

In my free time I love to go camping with family and friends. I also enjoy  playing card games as well.


What inspires you?:



List 3 things in the church that you directly interact with each week (this can be groups, materials, buildings, get creative):

  • 3.       LOTS PAPERCLIPS


Describe yourself with:

One adjective:

Laidback (NOT LAZY)


One verb/adverb:

Kind hearted (So people have told me)

brian hakoun

elementary director

Family: I have a loving father that is especially fond of me that is GOD. I have a great relationship with him and his son Jesus. I am unable to list all my family due to the infinite number, because as a believer in Christ I consider everyone my brothers and sisters

My role: My role at Beach Church is to connect the HEARTS of kids to the Heart  of Jesus. Games master/Elementary Coordinator/ Apprentice magician  

Hobby about self:   I was born and raised in New York. I traveled the east coast for a year.  I’m a full-time Nurse at a nursing home. My hobby is fighting crime at night. I also like to pick up and put down heavy things at the gym. I love the beach!! I like to make sand angels at the beach and dig holes. I like to count the waves at the ocean.

What inspires me:  What inspires me is the smile of a child what drives me is to know they are smiling because they know Jesus' love.

Three things we interact with a week:  Adventure Beach, Kids & a lot of tape, sticky stuff. In general, kids are sticky.

Adjective: Compassionate

Verb: Transformed



John hails from all over New York, the majority of his life lived in Long Island. He has one sister, three cousins, and a niece. He enjoys hockey and baseball. John is inspired by technology in youth connecting kids closer to God.