angela jordan


My role on staff as I see it:  My role here at Beach Church is officially the Chaos Coordinator of everything in our Kid’s Ministry, Adventure Beach.  To be able to coordinate all this chaos on a weekly basis I have to interact with things like my texting keyboard on my phone (you wouldn’t believe how many text messages this job requires!), the awesome Adventure Beach team leaders, Styrofoam, Gaff tape (when in doubt, grab the Gaff Tape!) and one Chai a day.

I am married to the awesome guitar-playing, Converse-wearing guy on the worship team, Justin.  We have miracle twins, a boy and a girl, that we thank God for every day because they were born three months premature.  Now they are full of so much energy and make us laugh all the time!  We are most proud of how they are growing up to love God and love others.  Our family loves to be active and we most enjoy making memories doing things like going to the beach, riding bikes, camping, swimming, playing games, or throwing the baseball.    


I am inspired by so many different things; like how a mockingbird can chirp so many different sounds, or the kindness of a stranger, or a piece of artwork, or a kid’s enthusiasm when they’ve learned something new.  Things like this inspire me because I can ultimately see God in each of them. 


Some adjectives that describe me are passionate and determined.  All of the kid’s ministry staff has self-labeled ourselves as “squirrely” as well.   (There is even a squirrel mascot in the kid’s ministry office that we hide every day for us to re-find.) So even though “squirrely” is not an official term, I claim it anyways as an adverb to describe myself. 


The passion, determination and “squirrely-ness” that make me who I am helps me to serve the kids of Beach Church every week.  It is truly an honor to get to use my gifts to serve these kids!