administrative team

  • vicki welch

    finance and accounting

    Tell us about your family

    Husband-Greg, daughters Crystal & Whitney, son Jason, 4 grandchildren Eden, Gage, Wyatt & Weston and one great grandson Graysen

    Describe your role on staff

    Finance Administrator/Bean counter

    What is a (non-ministry related) hobby or activity that you enjoy?

    Movies & Music

    What inspires you?

    I love to see people helping others with no motive involved. Like paying for groceries at the check-out for the single mother in front of you. It shows a true servant’s heart.

    List 3 things in the church that you directly interact with each week

    Keeping the giving records accurate, paying the bills and washing the dishes in the breakroom!

    Describe yourself with:

    One adjective:                     dependable

    One verb/adverb:               very content

  • Wynne Williams

    Maintenance director

    I'm as close to being a native of Myrtle Beach as you can get.  I have been living in this area since I was 8.  I live in Garden City now, with my wonderful wife,Patti, for 23 years.  I have 2 great stepsons Tyler 33, Adam 31, a beautiful daughter Taylor 31 and a awesome son Alex who is 22. 

    I'm the Maintenance Director at Beach Church (Mr. Fix it)!

    Some of my hobbies are recreational shrimping, fishing, and boating.

    Things that inspire me, are working with people who love serving Christ.

    God has blessed me to be the facilitator of several small groups, Men of God, Tuesday Group, Central Communications, and co-lead First Impressions team.

  • linda cooke

    Ministry Assistant/Front Desk

    Our family :

    Mike and I have 3 children 

    Our two oldest live in New Jersey where we are originally from.

    Michael 43 married to Leigh

    They have 2 children 

    Patrick 6 and Nicholas 3

    Melissa 40 married to Steve

    They have 3 children 

    Isabella 9, Marco 8, and Valentina 5

    Ryan 31 and his wife Stephanie are newlyweds.

    We've lived in Surfside Beach for the past 22 years.

    My job title is 

    Administrative Assistant  

    I like to play golf 

    Im a retired florist so I do like to work with  flowers

    What inspires me:

    Changed  lives.

    Like our church ethos says changed lives changing lives through a captivating relationship with Jesus. Every time I see a changed life it inspires me.

    I've been involved with Celebrate Recovery since 2001 . I lead a weekly open share group. I've lead weekly 12 step groups.

    I lead a SALT life group study and co lead the Battleplan for prayer group.

    I'm part of a SALT leadership life group.

    I also wash towels. 😊

  • stefanie Horner

    ministry assistant/Events

    I am happily married with a 23 year old son, a 4 year old granddaughter, and a new grandson. 

    At Beach Church I am Get it Done Girl, popcorn popper, bottle labeler, coffee maker,  hospitality leader, picnic planner, assistant to Jeanne, keeper of the church calendar, etc.

    What is a (non-ministry related) hobby or activity that you enjoy? I can watch the ocean for hours.  Outside of spending time with my family, that is my favorite thing to do.

     What inspires you?  I would have to say I get most inspiration from praise and worship music.  I strive to serve the Lord by serving people.  I have never been as happy in my life and my walk with Christ as I am right now, and Beach Church is a BIG reason for that.


    List 3 things in the church that you directly interact with each week:

    Coffee and goodies in the refreshment counter, and lots and lots of recycles

    Describe yourself with:

    One adjective: busy

    One verb/adverb:  committed

  • jackie woodard

    ministry assistant to Pastor Todd/front desk

     Married, lives in Forestbrook. Have 2 grown children and 2 grandchildren, 2 dogs and 1 cat. Moved to South Carolina from Maryland 7 years ago.

    2.       Receptionist/Disciple

    3.       Love to garden, sew, spend time with family and fur babies.

    4.       The testimony and walk of those that are and have been in a difficult journey in their lives who stay steadfast to their faith and knowledge that God is still on the throne, and in the miracle business then using that to bring others to Christ.

    5.  Oasis Book Store, Pray over Connect Cards as I do the weekly Prayer List, Care Core and Meal Ministry  or where ever there is a need.

  • Floyd Simmons